• 16 desks
  • 3 private offices
  • 1 meeting room

Think, share, grow.

This place unites specialists from various disciplines, cultures and countries. Fantastic, creative workspace in which people not only respect each other but also support and work together to achieve the maximum benefit from the mutual exchange of experience and ideas.

Here you can also catch plenty of additional activities such as workshops, laboratories, meetings, exhibitions, and concerts.

Explore Spain

Fall in love with this beautiful city, wonderful atmosphere and people who create it. Taste delicious food and enjoy unforgettable fiestas!

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Check out what other benefits and additional facilities - besides a desk and an inspiring atmosphere - can we offer in order to make your work in our space a daily pleasure.

  • Wifi
  • Microwave
  • Tee & coffee
  • Virtual address
  • Alarm
  • TV
  • Fridge

Company’s Organization

In your favoured office you can also use professional services that make doing business in Europe a lot easier.

  • Virtual Address

    Virtual Address

  • Skill sharing

    Skill sharing


If you need your own special package - do not hesitate to ask for a pricing! We are flexible in order for you to get exactly the service you need.

  • Dedicated desk per month130 EUR
  • Private office per monthfrom 200 EUR
  • Meeting room per hourfrom 8 EUR


Check out which companies have already decided to develop in this place, what they do and how you can help each other. Share your experience!



Dedicated to projects that promote voluntary services. Solidarios focuse on people who are marginalized, sick, disabled, old, immigrants, addicts or prisoners.



R&D technology and monitoring solutions. Internet of things in area of: biomass, solar, wind, fossil, marine, geothermal and hydraulic energy .

The Ministry of enthusiastic thinking and all kinds of creativity mainly devoted to culture.


Meet specialists ready to share their knowledge and skills with you. Thanks to the skill sharing service you can outsource tasks that are beyond the scope of your competences.

  • Helena Delgado

    Helena Delgado

    IT developer

    Creative engineer and team leader with a main goal to work with a good mood in an excellent environment. Because as she said: "happy team makes everything possible!"

  • Maria Meler

    Maria Meler

    Graphic designer

    Creative freelance designer; collaborates with the "Disfruta Sevilla" magazine


Juan Jose Giraldo Mora

Juan Jose Giraldo Mora


Engineer, entrepreneur, musician. Constantly on the run with a head full of crazy ideas on how to facilitate other people's life.

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