If you run a business and consider entering new markets or you’re a freelancer and you can work remotly from every corner of the world – take advantage of opportunities that biuro56 partnership network offers!

Choose a location where you would like to work. If you are a client of any of our partner spaces – we guarantee you three free hours in any associated office. You will have an unique chance to get to know the community and feel the atmosphere of the place. Meet with clients in professional conference rooms situated in interesting locations and build your brand image. Each of our partners will be happy to host you if only you announce it earlier. Remember – you are the one to decide whether you work a week, a month, or just a few hours. You can work every week in a different city. Share with us your plans and we will adjust the workplace to your needs, wherever you are.

Do not put down roots in one place while others are conquering the world! Choose the city where you would like to develop your business, live, eat and love.