Skill sharing

How is your business? Maybe you need support from graphic designers, IT developers or marketing specialist? Turn to our community! In each of our offices are coworkers who are eager to profesionally fulfill any task entrasted to them. 

You do not have to waste time looking for a suitable contractors, wait endlessly for them to execute tasks or put up with exorbitant pay rates any longer. We will contact you with the best specialists in biuro56 network and offer their knowledge and experience.

Skills sharing platform helps to establish a fruitful collaboration between principals and specialists willing to take additional assignments and handle them in the most effective way. Professionals will be rated in terms of price, quality, speed of tasks execution and communication with client.

Due to this valuation we can offer you only the best, top rated members of our community!

Let us know who you’re looking for and we will find cool partner for you within few hours.

Here is our skills base:

  • wordpress
  • social media
  • marketing
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • business development

Let us know who you’re looking for to receive contact information to 3 specialists – service is completely free of charge. You’re the one who chooses a contractor and asses their engagement through the evaluation survey.

Do not wait until the task will be done by itself! Outsource it to members of b56 community and see for yourself that it is worth to cooperate with us!